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Local Merchandise

by local artisans in the Dominican Republic

Allow your clients the opportunity to get a taste of the host Destination, while supporting the local community of artisans through Dominicana & Partners DMC in partnership with a local foundation. Not only these gifts will be very unique,  with a higher perceived value, but also these items are of great value, especially considering that each one of these gifts is hand-made. 

To review our selection, click this link: Local Merchandise Catalog

For additional items, contact us at, and we will send you an extended product catalog to review in order to provide a custom quote.



Get inmerse in the local culture of the Dominican Republic through arts & crafts revealing colors and traditions. 


This selection of products features creativity and our artisan's ability to create using natural elements and recycled materials to repurpose rather than creating more waste.



Besides the quality, unique features, and environmental impact, this merchandise supports social programs helping lower-income families to make a living through training and assistance marketing their products.

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